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Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman in True Blood Season 7, Episode 5:  Lost Cause.

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Poor Eric :( He felt so weak…


Poor Eric :( He felt so weak…


True Blood

7.06 Karma - Promo

"A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone." -Jo Godwin

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Quote of the Day (July 21, 2014)

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Ginger knows what’s up.

Nelsan Ellis Spills the Beans on Luke Grimes -



Vulture: Did you ever get a chance to talk to or bond with Luke Grimes when he was playing James, before they switched off?
Ellis: I didn’t, but I’m completely… I mean, I can say I’m not going to make a comment, but I just think that, you’re an actor, you’re an actor on a show that’s True Blood, we’re all sitting there going, “You quit your job because … really?” I’m just… I’m over him. You quit your job because you don’t want to play a gay part? As if it’s… You know what? I’m going to stop talking.

Vulture: That’s okay. I get what you’re saying. If you’re going to be on True Blood, you have to be open to a lot of experiences.
Ellis: You have to be open. But more importantly, you make a statement when you do something like that. I did a documentary called Damn Wonderful, about gay suicide, and you make a statement, a big statement, when you go, “I don’t want to play this part because it’s gay.” If you have a child, if you have a son, and he comes out as gay, what are you going to do? If you have a daughter who comes out gay…? You just made a statement, and it has ripple effects. First of all, this show, it’s True Blood, and shit, we get scared when we read scripts! Excuse my language. When scripts come, we’re like, “What are they going to have us do this week?” But when you make a statement that is a judgment… I was kind of like, “Have you met Alan Ball?” I’m supposed to do what my boss tells me to do, as an actor. I can’t approach a character with judgment. I certainly can’t tell my boss, “I can act what I want to act, but not what you tell me to act,” especially on a show where you come in, knowing what it is. I was like, “Okay… I guess?” I just thought that, having just done the documentary, I didn’t like what he did because he made a statement, and sometimes you have to take responsibility.

Vulture: Is it safe to say he won’t be invited back for the True Blood musical?
Ellis: [Laughs.] I don’t think he’ll be invited back to HBO.

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Recent pics of Gustaf…

1.  In Sweden:

"My new boyfriend!" -marialintot

*Uploaded on 07/12/2014

2. Taking a selfie with Clive Standen and fans at the Longitude Festival 2014 (July 18, 2014, Dublin, Ireland):

"Best selfie ever with vikings cast ! #floki #rollo #princess aslaug #vikings #longitude 2014 #selfie #dublin."

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3 & 4. At UFC Fight Night Dublin (July 19, 2014, Ireland):

"Enjoying the action @TheO2Dublin - Gustaf Skarsgård chats with @Latifimma after his victory at #UFCFightNight Dublin."

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"Look who I found ringside at UFC. GUSTAF SKARSGÅRD!"

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5.  With pals in Sweden.

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Uploaded on July 10, 2014

Reblogging ourselves to give Gurra more love and because these are great pics.

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Eric Northman

True Blood (2008-2014)

Alex’s dance moves appreciation post

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